We Are Good at Getting Back Lost Pets


So, we adopted this cutie pie at the very end of 2014 and haven’t mentioned him much since. That’s because after being here only 5 days he ran away. We weren’t sure what the outcome was going to be, but thankfully the story has a happy ending! After a month of travels he ended up back at the location he was originally picked up from, and we were able to (with the help of the lovely couple whose house he crashed at) get him into a carrier and bring him back to our house again. Hans is probably super annoyed that after a month of making his way back to his old stomping grounds he’s back at the start, but he does seem pretty tired and happy to be somewhere warm (it has been pouring rain here for over a week.) Last night we crashed out on the couch with both cats, Suze and the buns and watched bad movies, and Hans just slept like a baby.

His escape was made through the cat door upstairs, so unfortunately until we bond with him the door will have to be blocked off. Pilot will be sad, but it has also become a point of entry for the neighbour’s cat Genghis Cat who comes over and terrorizes Pilot in the night and wakes us all up haha. Bye bye cat flap! Hello safe indoor cats. We figure Hans will be hard to control, particularly in the summer when we want to leave windows and doors open, so we might invest in a cat GPS. Does anyone have experience with these?

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