Thrifting: Mega Haul


Yesterday we went into Nanaimo to do some shopping for the house. Our shopping days are few and far between now, but there are some things we need for the house… boring grown-up things like tea towels, napkins and place mats, fresh towels and sheets that actually match. We both had the day off so we headed over to check out Value Village and the liquidation sale at Target (all their locations are closing, Canadians just don’t care about Target apparently haha)

We got some nice stuff at Target that I’ll post about separately, but the biggest scores were made at good ol’ VV. In fact, it was arguably our most successful trip housewares-wise, and definitely the best scores we have gotten at the Nanaimo location, which is to be honest pretty dismal. Lookit all the stufffffffff…



Our big focus was fabrics. We inherited a free sectional couch a few months ago that is super comfortable to sit on and came with a bazillion throw cushions, but desperately needs new fabric. We aren’t sure how long we will keep the actual couch, but if we dismantle it for firewood/recycling we are keeping all the cushions (seriously, there are twelve 15″x15″ cushions and 5 seat cushions made with super soft foam – and it was free!) We want to recover all the cushions with bold and fun colours, but fabric from the store can be expensive. Did y’all know that there is a fabric section at VV? J didn’t, and was surprised when I rolled up to him with a cart full of great stuff. There are some good neutrals and greens, and some yellow pieces and a couple large pieces of a great upholstery weight black and white damask.





In addition to the fabrics, we got a bunch of house stuff including an 18 pieces mug/bowl/plate set for $12, a whole whack of beer towels for the kitchen, and a set of British tea towels which were the funniest score of the day. We also scored 8 place mats (4 green and two pairs of pink), 8 navy blue cloth napkins, 4 sky blue cloth napkins, a green and white duvet cover with 5 matching pillow cases, a yellow and grey reversible duvet cover with matching pillow case, a sheet with cats on it, a purple printed top sheet, and a white shower curtain with a yellow graphic print on it.


The beer towels:

02_17_2015_21 02_17_2015_22 02_17_2015_23 02_17_2015_24 02_17_2015_25 02_17_2015_26 02_17_2015_27 02_17_2015_28 02_17_2015_29

The bedding:

02_17_2015_18 02_17_2015_19 02_17_2015_20

02_17_2015_02 02_17_2015_15 02_17_2015_16   02_17_2015_32

One of these things for $1 (the store by my place in Gastown sold them for $10)


Giant tea mugs!

02_17_2015_34 02_17_2015_35

Blue napkins:


Place mats:


Tea towels (these gave us a laugh, J is from Yorkshire and my co-worker is from Cockermouth in the Lakes – I thought he was joking when he first told me, but there it is on the map! The tea towels don’t lie):

02_17_2015_38 02_17_2015_39 02_17_2015_40 02_17_2015_41 02_17_2015_42

We also found these silicone molds which we are going to use to make soap and deodorants!


PHEW what a haul!!


  1. That was a great tour of your VV finds. My wife calls it VV Boutique. When she comes back with her haul she asks me to guess what I think each item costs. She’s so happy if I guess way over what she paid….but more often then not…I get it bang on…..which tends to ruin the game for her LOL.

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