I Finally Did Some Sewing


On Monday we gathered a sweet pile of fabrics from Value Village, and yesterday I made a ton of cushion covers! Suze “helped” too.



So we got this free sectional last year from someone on the island, and it is super comfortable but as you can see it is covered in intensely ugly fabric. It is in need of repair, many of the cushions have broken zippers and almost all of the pillows have tears in them somewhere. Recovering the whole couch is an expensive task, and we aren’t even sure if we will keep it, so we are doing it piece by piece, starting with the throw pillows. Ultimately we want to do the sofa in a charcoal fabric then have all the pillows in a variety of different colours and patterns (I can pretend I’m Patricia Urquiola, right?) Here are some more photos of the existing fabric:

02_19_2015_21 02_19_2015_20


So I busted out my sewing machine and started making some covers. I didn’t have any zippers on hand and didn’t want to spend any money I didn’t need to, so I did a simple cover that doesn’t require a zipper but is still removable. My serger is jammed (sigh!) so I couldn’t finish the edges properly, but once it’s repaired I can go back and serge all the insides for extra strength and a tidier finish. The folded over cover just requires 3 pieces of fabric, 1 square piece to be the front, and two pieces cut to 3/4 the width of the front and finished on one edge (the finished edge becomes the flap). Lay them down right sides together with the raw edges of the two smaller pieces lined up with the edges of the front square and the two finished edges overlapping in the middle, then sew around the 4 sides and flip right side out. Bam.

02_19_2015_17 02_19_2015_16 02_19_2015_15 02_19_2015_14

Suzie was a big help all day.

02_19_2015_12 02_19_2015_11 02_19_2015_10

^ The red chevron pillows came from Target, but work nicely with the mix of new pillows!


Many of the fabric pieces I got already had finished edges on them (they were old drapes, a shower curtain, and a table cloth) so I used the finished edges for the flap pieces and the job was already half done for me. The green fabric was unfinished though so I had to finish the edge myself. Good thing I have this hem attachment that rolls the raw edge under and stitches it down! Super easy.

02_19_2015_08 02_19_2015_07 02_19_2015_06

^ Pilot performs the quality inspection.

02_19_2015_05  02_19_2015_03

And ta da! We brought a selection of them down and put them on the old couch, which we have converted into a single by removing the sectional piece to save space. It’s getting there, but still needs work. Can’t wait until we tile the floor downstairs so it looks like less of a garage!

02_19_2015_02 02_19_2015_01

^ Hans also approves of the cushions. There are a few more pillows to recover, and also a huge bag of stuffing I may utilize to make even more cushions in different sizes, but for a few hours it was a good effort!


  1. Whoa! That hem attachment is amazing! I have never seen one before but as an avid sewer, I do believe I NEED one. Love your cushions too! Great fabric and colors.

    • It’s a great little attachment! I got it on eBay for a couple of bucks I think. It rolls the fabric under as you feed it through and stitches the raw edge out of sight. So nice, and no need to pin and iron!!

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