New Additions to the House


The living room is starting to look lived in! We went to Target to see what they had available for their liquidation/close out sale. We did manage to find lots of nice stuff for the house (though lots of people have been complaining that there’s “nothing left”, I’m not sure what they are talking about??) including a super cheap rug, side table, pair of large cushions, geometric vase, curtains and bedding. Adding some cool colour to the living room has really helped to tone down the yellowness of the floor and sunlight – bonus that it’s technically an outdoor carpet so hopefully it will be more durable with all the animals running around on it.



New curtains! We mounted new hang rods in the dining area and downstairs to cover the glass sliding doors, and hemmed the curtains to the right height. They have made a big difference to the feel of the rooms.

02_25_2015_14Ā Ā  02_25_2015_11

New side table and geometric vase. I really dig the colour of the wire base.

02_25_2015_10 02_25_2015_09 02_25_2015_08


The new curtains in the bedroom are replacing some white sheers that got super dirty right away. These ones are slightly heavier and have a nice origami pattern on them. The bedroom is getting cozier!

02_25_2015_07 02_25_2015_06

^ The lump under the covers is Hans in his new favourite place šŸ™‚ Also, I am terrible at making the bed.


^ Pilot enjoys the new rug as well as the scratch post we bought in an attempt to deter scratching the couch, which apparently Hans LOVES (ahhhhh). Millie is hanging out too ā¤


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