Reviving More Found Objects


I picked up this cute bistro chair at GIRO last Saturday and today I gave it a quick make over. Ta da!



It had obviously seen better days, the paint was chipped and the fabric seat, which was once white I assume, was badly stained and moldy. I unscrewed the seat and tore off the old white fabric revealing another layer of orange vinyl… someone had already spruced it up at one point! Haha.


I blasted it with the same yellow spray paint I used when I refinished a very similar-in-style plant stand last year. I also pulled out the hugenormous bag of stuffing I got free at a garage sale last summer and put a little extra padding under the new layer of fabric.

02_25_2015_27 02_25_2015_26

I centred the pattern and gradually stapled all the edges down so it sat straight and tight. Once it was in place I trimmed the fabric and put a few extra staples in for good measure.

02_25_2015_25 02_25_2015_24 02_25_2015_23

^ So much better!


We reattached the seat to the frame and it’s all done! All in all it only took about an hour, including dry time, and it is ready to live a 3rd life haha. And it matches the plant stand!



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