We Installed a Kitchen Bench


We’ve been powering ahead with projects around the house and last week we built a window seat in the kitchen. It’s a nice addition to the breakfast area and has created a really comfortable spot to hang out with the kitties!



J put together a simple bench with 2×4 and some temporary legs (until we find some nicer metal ones) with a pine board on the face which I brushed with a white stain.


I took apart 2 of the beat up seat cushions from the sectional piece of the sofa we put into storage and used the white fluff in combination with the bag of fluff I had stored downstairs. I would like to eventually do the bench using the foam pads from the seat cushions, but until we replace the sofa we will need to use the cushions (there are 5 total, and 3 are still in use.) As a temporary measure I stuffed it with the loose fibre fill but wasn’t really happy with how it turned out – it’s pretty lumpy.


^ The couch cushions have definitely seen better days.



The only piece of fabric I had on hand that was large enough to cover the bench was dark green, which didn’t work with the orange kitchen cabinets so instead I re-purposed a grey curtain panel from downstairs.


^ It’s really hard to get loose fill to go in evenly on such a large surface! But this will do for now.

03_03_2015_04  03_03_2015_06 03_03_2015_07 03_03_2015_08 03_03_2015_09


Ta da! And that cats enjoy sitting on it and looking out the window ❤


03_03_2015_01 03_03_2015_02

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