Achievement Unlocked: Laundry Room


So our place is fairly large (what we would consider large, at least, 2100sf) and has lots of rooms that were pretty rough when we bought the house. We already spiffed up the pantry at the bottom of the stairs (see it in all it’s glory here!) and next we took a closer look at the laundry room. This room is pretty huge for a laundry room – all my previous “laundry rooms” were just an upright w/d crammed in the washroom – but it wasn’t being used very efficiently. We made a few very budget-conscious alterations and it has made a big difference. Firstly we bought some wire shelves and moved in all our brew room equipment.

Then J built a closet for the water heater and added a counter over the machines with some wall shelves for soaps and cleaners. We just used 2×6 boards and I white washed them for a slightly nicer finish. I made a curtain from the fabrics we grabbed a few weeks back, and we painted the whole area bright magenta. Now all our cleaning products are in the same place and its all neat and tidy. Check that before and after!




  1. It’s gorgeous! I don’t think I’ve ever said that about a laundry room. 🙂 I’m so impressed with your vision for organized and functional spaces. These ideas would never occur to me staring at the “before” room. When I get a house, I’m definitely scrolling through your entire blog again for ideas. 🙂

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