Book Review: We Should All Be Feminists

we-should-all-be-feminists-adichieRead for: Love of Chimamanda

Rating: 5/5

This is just a tiny wisp of a book, so no one has any excuse NOT to read it. It takes about 10 minutes. And it’s brilliant. Chimamanda has reformatted her TED talk into this sharp essay where she talks about gender and feminism in relation to both Western and Nigerian culture. It’s a simple and straightforward argument in favour of feminism packed into so few pages it made me sad that it was over so quickly. I would love to see Chimamanda flesh this concept out into a longer book or collection of essays so that we may all feast our eyes on the glory that is her fantastic writing poured all over this incredibly important topic. If you haven’t yet seen her TED talk, behold!

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