New Shades From Cult Cosmetics


I cancelled my subscription to the Cult Cosmetics Blackbox a few months ago due to several repeat products, but I am still keeping up with the company and any new shades they are releasing. Nothing happened for a while, but then one day they released 7 new colours of their cruelty free polish. I scooped up 6 new polishes during their buy 1 get 2 free sale (6 for the price of 2? Yes please) and now my little shelves are filling up. I’ve made some space for my small LUSH products as well, they fit perfectly on the little green spice rack – and now that I can see them easily I’m using them even more often ❤



Does any one else still follow Cult Cosmetics? And how do you store your polishes? I wanna see!

03_06_2015_06 03_06_2015_05


      • I’m sooo impressed with the colours, they are beautiful!! Some of the nicest shades I’ve seen 🙂 I’ve actually never tried a yellow polish before, seem to be stuck on pinks/purples/neutrals *rolls eyes* Time to live a little right?! lol Thanks for the lovely reply 🙂 Karen Xo

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