Moooar Chickens


Our flock suffered a bit of a loss in the last month or so setting us back to just 6 hens. We don’t have a huge amount of space, but we do love chickens so we decided to replace the 4 we lost with some new ones. And here we have our 4 newbies… they are point of lay, meaning they are pullets who have just begun to lay eggs. I’ve already forgotten what breed they are, but they likely will be green and/or blue egg layers. We haven’t picked names yet but I want to call them Arya, Cersei, Brienne and Daenerys. For obvious reasons. Here’s some pics of them exploring the coop while the other ladies were out in the yard. I will combine them tonight when it’s time for bedding down and they can sort out their pecking order from there.

03_08_2015_17 03_08_2015_16 03_08_2015_15


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