That Was Fast: I Fixed the Bench


Just 4 days ago I upholstered the new bench in the kitchen, and was disappointed when the result was pretty lumpy. Well, not one to sit on my hands, I fixed it today!


J works at a restaurant in the village, and they are doing a minor reno this weekend which involves removing the oversized booth with padded seats. The owner was trying to give the booths away but no one was there to pick them up so I scooped the two back rests and recycled the foam in the bench.


The fabric was stapled down pretty intensely (should I be using that many stapes??) so I ended up running a knife around two of the edges to cut the fabric rather than trying to tackle the staples with a remover tool, and pulled out the foam out.

03_08_2015_06 03_08_2015_05 03_08_2015_04

I pulled out all but one long side of staples from my own bench and replaced the lumpy loose fill with the foam cushion using a serrated knife to trim the foam to shape (I ended up with two equal pieces and a seam in the middle) and reattached the fabric. It looks a thousand times better and is waaay more comfortable!


So much better! Here’s the before:



And here is the final product! It really pays off to have the right materials for the job 🙂


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