Springtime Garden Progress


Some more progress shots of the garden!


J has been working hard to get the new planter area fenced and ready for spring! We took down the fencing on the enclosure we built last year as we have fenced the whole area instead, and also started to fill the new planters with soil. We have some tomato starts in already too.

04_11_2015_33 04_11_2015_32

Giant new bed for pickling cukes and dill!

04_11_2015_31 04_11_2015_30

New bed for tomatoes right outside the lower sliding door.

04_11_2015_29 04_11_2015_28

No more ugly deer fence on the “enclosure”, it’s all open now and possibly the new location for the bun bun’s summer home.

04_11_2015_27 04_11_2015_26

J weeds the lower yard with the help of some hens 🙂

04_11_2015_25 04_11_2015_24


^ We got a HAMMOCK from VV for just $12! Excellent score!

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