Travel: Los Angeles


I went to Los Angeles for the first time ever (!) for the long weekend and had a super fun time!



For the first time in a while I actually had a window seat too, so have some airplane photos 🙂


For my first day in LA a friend and I went to a costume rental place to get some appropriate clothes for the Renaissance Faire (also my first ever ren faire!) They had some great clothes there, and I even spied the dinosaur heads from Glee! We also had a delicious veggie burger lunch at The Blue Dog… mmmm deep fried jalapenos and pineapple cider.


For dinner we went to Sage Vegan Bistro which had the best vegan menu I have probably ever seen, plus a huge selection of vegan ice creams. Then we went to a free show with The Shrine and Dirty Fences – this was actually a Sailor Jerry’s sponsored event; I used to work with them in Vancouver a few summers ago where we had a free show with OFF at the Rickshaw on Hastings St. and a bunch of other events.


The Ren Faire was pretty fun, lots of great people and great costumes! We shot arrows, threw knives, saw some real jousting, ate meat off the bone (well, I didn’t) and drank mead. AMAZING.

04_14_2015_28 04_14_2015_27 04_14_2015_26 04_14_2015_25 04_14_2015_24

My pre-teen Scream dreams also came true when we spotted and met Matthew Lillard hahah.

04_14_2015_20 04_14_2015_19



After the Ren Faire we went to Footsies for some drinks and ate incredible potato tacos from Taquerias El Atacor #11. Seriously the best tacos I have ever eaten.


Sunday we went on a drive to the beach in Malibu and I snapped some photos of the water. Following the beach we went to check out the fights at Thai Festival on Hollywood Blvd which was fun!

04_14_2015_17 04_14_2015_16 04_14_2015_15 04_14_2015_14 04_14_2015_13 04_14_2015_12 04_14_2015_11 04_14_2015_10

It was a total whirlwind of a trip but I had lots of fun! I never realized just how huge the city of Los Angeles actually is… I had a list of things in my mind that I wanted to do and literally did none of them hahaha. Guess I will have to go back!!


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