Smarter Planting for 2015


Last year was a year of experimenting in the garden. We planted a lot of stuff that sounded cool but then we didn’t know what to do with it. Or it failed utterly – both the quinoa and amaranth were great in theory, but we don’t have the space to plant enough to make it worthwhile. After learning to can last year I also learned more about what I want to grow, and the number one item on my list is cucumbers for pickling!!  We have a bed ready to go for cucumber starts, and our tray of seedlings is already strong enough to go outside. So easy! Also started is a tray of dill to go with the pickles, and a tray of tomatillos that grew super quickly for making salsa.

We are going to be pickier about what we plant this year and plant more of what we love. Lots of greens for the bunnies are also high on the list because buying greens from the grocery store every day gets expensive. We have quite a few new kale plants for this year, plus the few we planted last year are coming back. It’s nice to see stuff we planted last year coming back this spring 🙂

04_22_2015_02 04_22_2015_01

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