Etsy: 1″ Woodland Animal Buttons


I busted out my 1″ button press this morning and made a batch of fabric buttons with woodland animal prints. There is an owl, a bunny, a squirrel and a hedgehog. Super cute! They are listed in my etsy shop in a set of 4, so if you want one get over there and order one! More pics after the jump.



I haven’t made buttons in a while, but have kept my button maker around for years (it has survived like 5 major moves)

I didn’t know what I wanted to make into a button, but found some fabric and thought I would give that a try… they turned out really well! Now I’m excited to make fabric buttons out of all the fabrics I have collected over the last few weeks.

04_23_2015_07 04_23_2015_06 04_23_2015_05Ā  04_23_2015_03 04_23_2015_02




  1. These are SO ADORABLE! The fabric is just perfect to make buttons! šŸ˜® I’ve never heard about a button maker like this šŸ˜® Where did you get it? Is it easy to use? šŸ˜® I’m very curious! šŸ™‚ Lovely post!

    • The animals are totally the perfect size! It was meant to be. I got my button press on eBay many years ago, I’m sure they are still available. It’s the same one that does paper with a layer of clear plastic but I used fabric directly onto the metal backing and it worked out! It’s a super easy system to use šŸ™‚

      • Yess they are! šŸ˜€ so I guess I’ll just try typing in “button press” thehe! And did the metal come with the press? šŸ˜® or where did you get it? Are there other things you need? šŸ™‚ Thanks for answering my questions btw! šŸ˜€ I’m just such a busy-bee, and love to try new things!

      • Yes you can search for a 1″ button press, the brand is Tecre šŸ™‚ you can buy 1″ supplies on eBay too, there are 4 pieces: metal disc back, metal ring that holds the paper/fabric in place, the pins for the back, and the layers of mylar for if you use paper. There are also circular cutters available that punch paper to just the right size!

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