DIY Plum Wine Pt. 2


Last year we had a bazillion plums (that is an accurate number, I counted) so we tried our hand at some DIY wine. It sat around in the carbouy for a long time, probably too long actually… we should have bottled it months ago but just didn’t. Until last night. We ended up with 9 bottles! The final product is a much grosser looking colour than the colour after the initial ferment (see it here) but it definitely tastes like wine! Now we need some wine glasses… shockingly we don’t have any. We are more of a mason jar drinking vessel type of house anyways haha. The flavour, and I’m certainly not a wine connoisseur, is a bit watery but you can definitely taste the plums. This year we will try again in a larger quantity and maybe try a few different recipes in a few different carbouys.

Maybe we will host another bonfire and get drunk on plum wine haha

04_24_2015_03 04_24_2015_02


  1. How awesome is that?! Make your own wine and smart with your own fruit you’ve grown. Super cool! 😀 My container of choice to drink out of is a mason jar!

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