Make Your Own Lime Deodorant!


I hate deodorant. There, I said it! I’ve always hated it. As a kid I was loathe to wear it and only ever started when my Mom politely told me one day that I stunk. I always managed to get it all over my clothes (even as an adult I did this, the best incident being when a fellow bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding told me to put some on which I reluctantly did then I managed to get it all over my black satin bridesmaid dress while climbing in and out of the limo and looked ridiculous/very classy trying to wipe it off with my own spit outside the chapel. Traumatizing.) In middle school we had a drama teacher who refused to wear the stuff because he said it gives women breast cancer (this was 20 years ago so it’s not new information) and I thought “I don’t stink nearly as powerfully as Mr. Mercer so maybe I can give it up!”

I’ve been an off and on user since. Part of my problem with commercial deodorants is that the ones marketed towards women are always Baby Powder or Clean Linen scented and why do I want to smell like a baby’s bottom or like I’ve been slaving over laundry all day? Oh because I’m a woman, that’s why *eye roll* ALSO I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but it’s almost impossible now to get a women’s deodorant that is actually just a deodorant and not an antiperspirant. They are all antiperspirants! Antiperspirants utilize aluminum to block your sweat glands and prevent perspiration. The body is designed to sweat out toxins, so why would you want to cover over the exit door for poisons by applying more poisons akin to wrapping your underarms in tinfoil? No thanks.

You probably think I’m a very smelly individual, but I promise you I’m not. It’s a misconception that deodorant = clean, and if you can purge yourself of the need for deodorant you can smell the way you were meant to smell – which is actually not gross or overpowering at all. I do wear natural deodorants from time to time, however, and I’ve tried many brands but found they just don’t work that great. Tom’s of Maine, Jason, Now Solutions… they just felt slimey and I swear they made me sweat more. And that crystal stuff did literally nothing. The closest I’ve come to one that I like is the bar deodorant they sell at LUSH, but after a few weeks it dried out and it was like I was rubbing my underarms with a block of sandpaper. Ouch.

SO J made me some and it’s the best thing I’ve ever experienced. He also made it LIME scented which is by far my favourite smell ever. I kind of want to just take a bite out of the bar… I suppose I could and it wouldn’t kill me but I resist. If you don’t like lime (what kind of monster are you) you can use any essential oil of your choosing.

DIY Deodorant

3/4 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup baking soda
1/2 cup cornstarch or arrowroot powder
Essential oils to desired level of smelliness


Melt the coconut oil into a liquid (I just pop the jar of coconut oil into a pot of boiling water and it melts pretty quickly)

Blend the baking soda and cornstarch or arrowroot powder together, then mix it into the melted coconut oil with some of the essential oil of your choice.

While it’s still liquidy you can pour it into soap molds to make a bar. J tried pouring it into an old Tom’s stick dispenser but it all just leaks out the bottom and makes a mess. I’m sure there’s a way to get it in there if you use saran wrap as a mold but I like the bar idea better so we just did that. Plus our soap mold has bees on it!

Let them set in the fridge for a bit then you’re good to go. These bars came out pretty well, though if you have warm hands it melts onto your fingers when you apply it. No big deal though, you can just rub it in like a hand lotion!

This stuff works really well and smells so good…


  1. It has to cool a bit so it is thicker before poring into dispenser, but if it gets warm in the house it will melt. Helps to keep it in the fridge. Also lime juice on its own is a great deodorant.

    • YES we have discovered that if it gets warm in the house it melts!! We have a puddle on the plate where I stored our bars lol. Will definitely keep them in the fridge from now on 🙂

  2. I totally agree with you on the deodorant thing! I make my own too. There isn’t much I don’t make because I want to KNOW what I am putting on my body or ingesting! Hence why I pretty much cook everything. Great, great post and well done “J” for doing this for your girl! Best to you both, Koko

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