Thrifting: Free Chair and More Fabrics


We recently got our hands on another free chair for the house, which brings the total number of chairs waiting to be reupholstered to 3… hahaha. This one looked white in the photo but turned out to be very very yellow, I was trying to get RID of the yellow in this room! The shape is nice though it needs a new board on the underside of the seat to hold the springs in place. It’s an easy fix and with some new fabric it will look really great.

I also hit up VV again and hoarded some more fabrics and sheets for the house, including some nice bedding for the guest room downstairs. Once we get the new floor completed in that room it will look pretty great! Pics of the fabric after the jump.



^ These plaids totally make me think of Clueless.





  1. Great fabrics! I never find any good fabric or sheets at my thrift stores. And yes, I totally see Clueless in the plaids!

    • I’m not sure how I manage to find so many nice fabrics and sheet sets, the VV we go to has a pretty crappy selection of everything else haha. I literally look at every single item in the fabrics area though, sometimes twice, to find the good stuff.

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