Garden Progress


J is 3 panels of rebar away from completing the enclosure in the backyard. We will be deer proof! Also we will have a secure yard to keep track of Suze. And it looks glorious.



We have cleared the rest of the scrap wood planters out of the former enclosure, which included taking the giant mint bed apart and transplanting them into a better space. We broke up the super dense clump and spread it out a bit more over a small patch of dirt uncovered when we trimmed back a giant juniper bush.

04_29_2015_10 04_29_2015_09

This part of the yard has become my favourite because it’s doing so well! Above we have 4 kinds of mint (mojito, spearmint, peppermint and chocolate mint), a fern, 4 rosemarys, 9 hollyhocks and 4 mulliens.

Below we have catnip, oregano, goji berry, black currant, comfrey, rose, yarrow, lemon thyme, lavender and Italian parsley. This is definitely our most successful bed, all the plants in the front are from last season and still going strong.

04_29_2015_08 04_29_2015_07 04_29_2015_06

^ Artichokes are getting big, and all our loose strawberries have been collected into one bed. Below we have two types of blueberry, chives, strawberries and some other berries (I forget what they are called – honeyberries? They are native to Siberia)

04_29_2015_05 04_29_2015_04

Getting closer!!

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