Mountain Bluet or Perennial Cornflower


We have been shifting a lot of plants around the yard in the last week or so now that the enclosure is 99% complete. There are quite a few nice plants around the yard that we have moved into the safety of the fenced area, some we didn’t even know we had! And here is one we couldn’t even identify. At first J said it was a cornflower, but when we googled cornflower the images were different. So we did some sleuthing and it turns out J was right, it actually is a cornflower. It is also called a Mountain Bluet or, even cuter, Bachelor’s Buttons. We’ve grabbed a small group of them from the front yard and split them into two locations (photos soon, I promise). Apparently they are considered invasive by some, and we are actually really hoping they take over a bit, they are so pretty!

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