New Additions: Tonks and Lupin!




05_17_2015_11 05_17_2015_10

Yup, I’ve got bunny fever. Specifically angoras as I’m really getting into fibre harvesting and spinning! These little beauties popped up on Craigslist and we wanted to give them a good home (the poster stated they didn’t have time for them anymore). The caramel coloured one is female (we’ve named her Tonks) and the grey and white one is male (and his name is Lupin!)

05_17_2015_09  05_17_2015_07  05_17_2015_05

They are both very friendly, Lupin especially, and super fluffy! They both were in need of some grooming; Tonks’ fur was like 5 inches long, and she had a build up of eye crusties that were irritating her skin. Lupin’s fur is very matted. First thing I did when I got home was sit them both down and cut all their fur off to get it all cleaned up. I wiped Tonks’ eyes clean and started removing Lupin’s mats, I got two major ones off his neck/shoulders before I called it quits because he was getting antsy. It will take some time but if I do a grooming every other day I hope to get them all off relatively quickly.

05_17_2015_04 05_17_2015_03

05_17_2015_08 05_17_2015_01

They both seem fairly outgoing given the long trip they just took to a new home. For now they are separated because they are both intact and I don’t want any babies, but in the near future they will make a trip to the vet for a check up and neutering. Then they can be bonded properly and move in together. Yay!


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