CULT: More New Shades!


I’m still obsessed with CULT over here, so did some minor shopping when they released their new colours a few weeks ago – if you are patient a few days after a new release there is usually a ‘buy one get one free’ sale, and sometimes even a ‘buy one get TWO free’ deal so wait for that to come up before ordering! The new colours are fun, though a few of them were similar to their existing shades; Newport Beach and Redondo Beach are in the same colour category as Hermosa Beach and Laguna, and Silver Lake is just a bluer tint of Melrose Place so I skipped them and went for the very summery colours Playa Del Rey and Seal Beach. I also got Paradise Cove which I somehow didn’t have, and Whiskey A Go Go which is the best glitter I have ever used by far, it goes on thick with glitter in one coat and looks amazing! (But oh man is it ever hard to remove haha)

One thing I noticed while browsing the selection of colours is that older colours are disappearing… maybe as they run out of stock they are no longer available? Hard to say, but that would be an interesting marketing plan; get them while you can! The Whiskey A Go Go shade did have a notice that said “Last One” when I ordered… so if I prevented anyone else from getting the last bottle then sorry (I’m not sorry).

I also noticed that not only is Cult a cruelty free company, but it is owned and operated by women! *applause*

Has anyone else checked out their new shades?



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