Inspiration: Modern Chicken Coops and Rabbit Homes

We have decided that now that there are so many bunnies living downstairs it’s time to provide them with more housing options including safe and secure outdoor access for eating grass and playing in a larger space. This will also allow us to reclaim the room downstairs and make it more of a functional office/TV area and less of a smelly zoo. We have cleared a spot in the fenced upper portion of the yard for a rabbit enclosure (henceforth referred to as Castle Bon Bon) and we are just deciding on how we want it to look. We picked up a sturdy wooden coop from a generous soul on the island and will work to incorporate it as it is roomy enough for a pair of buns. I’ve done some searching for modern chicken coop/rabbit habitat inspiration and come up with the following projects that I think are pretty cool!

farmhouse-modern-coopThis is a pretty impressive chicken coop concept from Frederik Roije, though it is not really an efficient use of space given it’s footprint and looks a bit cramped. Beauty, tho!

csirkeol_10This funky chicken coop is made from recycled wooden pallets by Studio H – see their other designs here. Again, cool concept but that outdoor area is pretty unuseable!

a_modern_chicken_coop-22Now this one is right up my street! Good use of space, large and easy to access run, and BLACK to match our house and fence. Love the linear air vents! This one, and many other great designs, come from Chicken Coops of Colorado.

moop-modern-chicken-coopI’m a really big fan of the designs over at MOOP. Very simple, well thought out and clean looking space for chickens (though I’m also thinking rabbits)

coop-dreams-exterior-view-extendedI really like what Mitchell Snyder has done at his Portland, OR home with this cute little boxy chicken coop. The green roof is great and something we are definitely thinking of doing for the rabbit house!

Daily-Needs_Chicken-Coop-StudioSegers_3-600x399I am really really loving this design most of all, especially as a lawn mower/run for rabbits on the lawn. Designed by Studio Segers, it’s modular too which means you can add to it as needs arise, and it also includes planters! I think this will be one of our biggest inspirations in designing something for the rabbits to use outdoors.

Funny how a simple google search for “modern chicken coop” turns up all these cool ideas, but “modern rabbit hutch” just brings up a bunch of way too small hutches without much creativity. I guess chickens are hipster now but rabbits aren’t yet haha. Maybe once we build our Castle Bon Bon we can put the images out there for others to use as inspiration!

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