Easy Fix for Sagging Gates

06_01_2015_23J built these lovely gates out of wood and not rebar because we felt the rebar would be too heavy. Turns out the wood was still pretty heavy and after a few days the gates began to drop and the latches weren’t lining up anymore.

Enter this simple fix to tighten up your gates and keep them square! For $12 ea we picked up some anti-sag gate kits from Home Depot and attached them in about 10 minutes. By gripping the top corner and opposite bottom corner a wire is pulled tight across the gate and picks up the sagging corner. If it droops again over time you can tighten the wire to pick it back up again. Pretty easy and it doesn’t mess with the look of the gates which is nice.

06_01_2015_27 06_01_2015_26 06_01_2015_25 06_01_2015_24

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