New Rain Barrels

06_01_2015_08A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a short article online saying that the City of Vancouver would be providing residents with a rebate on Enviro World rain barrels for their home this spring. I did some digging and discovered that yes, this was true and that the rain barrels were being sold on specific dates in Vancouver and North Vancouver and at 50% the retail cost. That’s $45 for a barrel that would otherwise cost $90, which is a great price given that the ones we were looking at purchasing were over $100 each.

It’s been really dry here and already we are worried about our well water. While we didn’t run out last year, things have been even more dry the last 6 months and there wasn’t much snow over the winter to melt in the spring and fill our wells and reservoirs. These rain barrels are a great idea for homes in the Vancouver area and it’s pretty exciting that the City is offering residents a discount.

Technically I am not a resident of Vancouver anymore, but my family members are and so my Mom ordered some for herself and picked me up 2, and J and I bought another 2 ourselves. That’s four 55 gallon rain barrels we now have hooked up to our downspouts!


The quality of these barrels is excellent. The spigot is metal, there is an overflow hose with ring to attach it securely, and the top is secured with screws and meshed over to filter out debris and prevent animals from falling in. These bad boys are over 36″ tall and approximately 24″ x 24″ at the top.

06_01_2015_19 06_01_2015_18 06_01_2015_17 06_01_2015_15 06_01_2015_12 06_01_2015_11We have set them up and are ready for the forecasted rain to fall tomorrow and Wednesday. If we manage to fill all the barrels we will have access to 220 gallons of water for the garden. Rad!

If you are in Vancouver there is still a chance to get some of your own here:


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