What the Bunnies Are Up To

06_01_2015_32BUNNIES. Lupin and Tonks have been settling in ok around here. 5 days ago they went in for the big spay and neuter as well as a general health check up and they seem to be back to normal already. Bunnies heal fast! I’m glad we were able to get the surgeries out of the way quickly, they were initially scheduled for the end of June, but a few hours after I made the appointment the vet called me back and fit the buns into a cancellation 2 days later. They saw the same vet (Chase River Vet in Nanaimo) that did the surgeries for Leela and Fry – they are really, really great!

06_01_2015_30Nibbler and Fry continue to be an adorable husbun and wifey duo. I’ve been trying to bond Leela with them so they can be a trio but Leela is still super aggressive with Nibbler so it’s a no go. I then tried to bond Millie with them and Nibbler is relatively ok with her but Fry is not. Lupin and Tonks will be bonded together which leaves Leela and Millie… but they hate each other. What we will likely do is adopt two more neutered males and bond them with Leela and Millie so we have 4 bonded pairs. Then seriously, that’s all the bunnies we need! Hahaha. But really, we don’t want anyone to be lonely. Millie is very interested in Lupin and Leela definitely seems lonely lately so we want to fix that. There are so many bunnies in shelters that need rescue so we will do our best to make room for some boys.

06_01_2015_33Tonks has been getting braver and is definitely happier having all her thick fibre cut short and eye crusties cleared off her face. She looks so good! Here’s a before and after:

06_01_2015_3506_01_2015_31Millie is as cute as ever and has stopped being territorial about her pen (she is still in a pen because the other buns chase her when they come out at the same time, they have to be separated to stay safe) For a few months after getting her she would charge and grunt at anything that came close to her, and if it was a hand she would bite. We have built up some trust though and she happily demands head pets now instead of swatting at me haha. Patience is key.

06_01_2015_29Look at Leela’s beautiful face!! We had a little snuggle on the couch tonight, she is basically the only bunny that will sit still long enough for cuddles. She was very young when we got her though so maybe she is most attached to me.

06_01_2015_28LOOK AT THIS GUY. We’ve been working away slowly at his matted fur, and the vet kindly shaved some of the largest ones off his bum while he was in for his neutering. He doesn’t like to sit still, too many smells to explore!

06_01_2015_34Here’s an old photo from when we just adopted Millie and she got along with Fry for a hot second. This is a good size comparison; in the pic Millie is a 2 year old Netherland Dwarf and Fry is an 8 month old Satin Angora. He’s huge!

And just for laughs, here’s a comparison of Tonks in her temporary space the day after I adopted them, and Lupin in his. Boys are so messy hahaha.

06_01_2015_37 06_01_2015_36

That’s a whole roll of toilet paper! lol


    • I know!! We are really into the idea of cage free house bunnies but they have actually damaged a lot of the house… We figure they would prefer some dirt to dig in and grass to chew so we are working on a secure outdoor spot for them. I love them oodles though!

  1. When I was a little girl I had a bunny that slept in my headboard. In the morning I’d take her outside to run around and when I went to school I put her in the shed. She was all white and super sweet. I’d love to have another one day. I’ve been drawing bunny-house-plans. Your bunnies are lucky to have you!

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