Etsy: Patty and Selma Cross Stitch

06_03_2015_04I’ve completed another Simpsons cross stitch and it is now listed in my Etsy shop. Gonna take a break from Simpsons themed stitches for a while, so get it while it’s hot! There are still some others in the shop if you are interested ❤

06_03_2015_06 06_03_2015_05 06_03_2015_0206_03_2015_13


  1. […] It’s been a great season for my Etsy shop, and all my cross stitches have sold except for one; Patti and Selma! If you want it grab it now, and if you are on the island or in Vancouver let me know and I’ll meet you somewhere so you can have it in time for the 25th. More photos of the piece can be found here. […]

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