Flowers Around the Garden

06_02_2015_29The garden is looking beautiful! Plants from last year have come back bigger and stronger, and there are flowers everywhere this year to keep the pollinators happy. Here’s a bunch of pictures!

06_02_2015_30^ Borage came back from last year06_02_2015_28^ Calendula/marigolds from starters this season


^ Beans and dill started from seed this year


^ Pineapple sage! The two plants from last year have come back in a huge way, plus I grabbed 3 more starters because I love this plant so much


^ Tomatillos and nasturtiums, both from seed this year


^ Sage from last year that we thought we had killed, flowery and beautiful. Plus tomatoes from starters this year


^ Tomatoes and basil (both genovese and lemon)


^ Nasturtiums from starters this year, coming along nicely


^ In with the nasturtiums are some lupins, sea thistles, bee balm and our fig tree from last year


^ Lemon thyme from last year that is doing really well


^ These yarrow plants from last year look great!


^ Comfrey from a road side stand last year is making the bees happy


^ Bloody William


^ Mullien started from seed last year and seriously trampled by the chickens. We thought this stuff was dead but clearly it’s not!! Should be flowering soon and I’m very excited.

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