New Dining Table Light Fixture

06_02_2015_07My Dad and I took a truck load of junk from both of our yards to the dump yesterday which was fabulous because we are working hard to tidy the yard and it is nice to have that junk gone. While we were in Nanaimo we stopped at Rona and did some shopping. Surprisingly I was able to find a light fixture for our dining table so I could finally get rid of the existing one (that I hate with a fiery passion). I have some really nice pendants ear-marked for the house, but until we have the funds a nice temporary light is just what we need! And for about $50 we got a neat look mid-century style pendant in black with a gold interior. Installation was super simple and it made a huge difference!

06_02_2015_0606_02_2015_10 06_02_2015_09 06_02_2015_05 06_02_2015_04 06_02_2015_03 06_02_2015_02 06_02_2015_01Here is the fixture we removed and I have tried to avoid photographing all this time. Yes it was very bright and clearly fairly new, but I don’t like these types of fixtures for a variety of reasons, the most compelling I feel is this:

06_02_2015_08Upturned fixtures just collect dead bugs! We had 5 glass cups filled with grossness you could see while you were eating, and frankly no one was interested in cleaning them out. Say goodbye to upturned fixtures and only ever use easy to clean lights, peoples. The black one will just need a dusting every so often, no insect graveyard. Easy-peasy.


  1. I really like the new light fixture! Very sleek! I’m in the process of doing what you’ve done. So many projects, so little time in the day to do them! 🙂 Well done. The room is lovely!

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