The Egg Sitting Has Become a Collaborative Effort


It started with Brienne sitting on some eggs, then Dani joined her, then Arya… and now all the hens are taking turns sitting on the massive pile of eggs they have hoarded. They are sharing the work I suppose, or maybe one going broody has sparked others to go broody too. Half the flock is sitting on eggs now, taking over for each other when the other one goes out to get food and water. We stole some eggs out from under one of them to see what was happening and they seem to be fertilized! Now we wait…


06_05_2015_10 06_05_2015_09Mulder stands guard, haha. She hasn’t partaken in the sitting yet, and neither have Scully or Britney, but I’ve spied all the others in there at one point or another.


  1. very nice love the chicken pictures! I have a chick that I’m trying to figure out what kind it is and I’m hoping it’s like your pretty white /black tip feather hen! She is pretty!

    • It’s a fun guessing game! Both the chicks we have now look exactly the same, but one is ours (hatched from a black australorp cross pullet and fathered by a silver laced polish) and the other is of mystery origins. It will be fun to see them change as they grow! The black and white hen is a silver laced wyandotte πŸ™‚ she’s very pretty!

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