A Brand New Pressure Tank

06_08_2015_03Sometimes being an adult is fun; you can see R rated movies with no parental escort, you can buy all the junk food you want at the grocery store, and you can forget about having to abide by any curfews. But sometimes being an adult is the pits, like when you suddenly have to replace a waterlogged pressure tank with $500 you don’t actually have.

06_08_2015_02Our water pressure has been doing a funny thing that I thought meant we were getting low on well water, but actually meant that the pressure tank needed a blast of compressed air because it had become waterlogged (I supposed I should be thankful that water is still plentiful). Running the tap I noticed the water was pulsing rather than coming in a solid stream, and also that the shower was making a pulsing squealing sound while the water was running that was so annoying we switched completely over to baths. The pressure tank itself had also started making a very loud clicking sound anytime the water was running, and as the tank is adjacent to my office space if I was trying to work while J watered the garden, washed the dishes or ran a bath I was nearly driven out of my skull by the repetitive noise.

While we could have just put more air into the tank, it would only be a temporary fix so we ended up replacing the tank altogether with a newer and more efficient unit. The old one was very rusty and as it turns out not even properly installed. Soooo say hello to our new and very colourful pressure tank. Pulsing water problem solved, and the pressure is even stronger now so the squealy shower noise has gone away, and it is super duper quiet! Woo hoo!

I wish this post was more exciting, but hey I shelled out big money for this stupid thing so I better be able to show it off.



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