Achievement Unlocked: Rabbit Hoarder Level 7

06_08_2015_04Welcome Moe (Momo) to the family! He is a very sweet lop that I am currently fostering with intentions to bond with Millie. He’s a neutered male that was found roaming loose in Abbotsford and was taken into SPCA custody. He sat at the SPCA shelter for so long that he was about to be euthanized when another rabbit rescue, Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy stepped in to find him a home. And 2 days later that home was with me!

06_08_2015_07 06_08_2015_06Olga at VRRA told me that the staff and volunteers at the SPCA didn’t like Momo because he was apparently overly aggressive, but I have seen no aggressiveness whatsoever. He has LOVED having his head stroked, is easy to pick up and not shy about coming out of the carrier and running around. I suppose this is proof that shelter life is incredibly stressful on animals, Momo was clearly not happy to be stuck at the SPCA with all the other animals, noises and smells. I think he will make a great addition to our colony. (Did you know a group of rabbits is called a colony, nest or herd?)

Now to keep working at bonding them all…



  1. D’aw! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching your rabbit hoarding. πŸ™‚ I’ve always thought a bunch of rabbits was called a warren. Learn something every day. πŸ™‚

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