Things I Love: InSite’s Birthday Shirt

06_11_2015_07The PHS celebrates 10 years of operating the safe injection site in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. As the shirt boasts, InSite has a record of absolutely NO DEATHS caused by overdose in their facility. They provide sterile equipment to deeply entrenched drug users in the area and allow safe injection under supervision of caring staff and nurses. Users are connected with detox services if/when they are willing and able to address their drug use and a facility operates upstairs for individuals wishing to transition out of their current lifestyle. InSite reduces the spread of diseases like Hep C and HIV caused by needle sharing, and also reduces the number of needless street deaths by overdose. The workers in this project are incredible and deserve a huge round of applause! They are my coworkers and friends and together they make a positive change in the community by providing non-judgmental care to the most marginalized and downtrodden residents of our fair city. CONGRATS INSITE here’s to 10 more years!

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