Thrifting: Modern Cardboard Cat Scratch Thing

06_10_2015_04A few weeks back we found a cardboard cat scratcher thingy at VV for $5 and brought it home for the cats. They, predictably, didn’t even touch it. BUT we gave it to Millie, the tiniest of the bunnies, and she ADORES it! I searched online for where we could potentially get more and found some info on them here. Some nice designs!


  1. That is the cutest ever! Who’s to say what toy is for what kind of animal…When I get packages in the mail, my kitties can’t wait to have them to play in! It’s interesting what one likes and not like. Millie looks happy! That’s what it’s all about! Enjoy your day! Looks like Millie is! 😉

  2. This must be a dwarf bunny thing. Ophelia LOVES hanging out in anything cave-like all day long. I might have to get her one of these!

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