Vegan Garden Fresh Salad

06_10_2015_03A couple friends and I had a vegan dinner last night that was super delicious! We started with a salad that was picked fresh from our garden; fresh kale, calendula petals, raspberries and nasturtium flowers along with some blueberries from the fridge (we will have our own soon, they aren’t ripe yet) topped with hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds from the pantry and dressed with an incredible vegan poppyseed dressing from Briannas (hands down my most favourite salad dressing ever.)


We then made up some vegan pizzas with Daiya cheese and other veggies on a homemade crust, but I was so excited to eat it I didn’t take a picture. Dessert was this amazing dark chocolate sorbet paired with the boozy peaches I canned last year. We are such hipsters! Hahaha. ❤

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