06_16_2015_03We bought 4 bales of hay last year and they lasted almost until now. I did some research and found that meadow hay is fine for rabbits to eat (if blended with other kinds like timothy and orchard), so to further our efforts in tracking the costs of the buns we bought another 4 bales today, along with 4 bales worth of lower quality mulch hay to use as a ground cover around the planters. 8 bales of hay delivered to our door for $46.50. Can’t beat that! And I have a feeling it will last a long, long time.

06_16_2015_0906_16_2015_08J spread it on the ground and all the animals loved it. And it looks great to finally have all the carpeting and underlay covered up.

06_16_2015_0706_16_2015_0506_16_2015_0406_16_2015_06AND the bunnies really loved it too!


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