And Then There Were Two

06_17_2015_02Yesterday we were very excited to find we had a chick in the coop! And today we have a second one, though it didn’t hatch from our eggs. I posted on the Gabriola chicken page and asked for advice on how to best protect the little chicklet, and shortly thereafter someone from the community messaged us asking if we would take her 3 day old chick and place her under our momma hens. She had two under heat lamp at her home and one perished. Not wanting the other chick to be alone and without a mumma she passed it along to us!

06_17_2015_01I basically have no idea what I am doing, so I just cautiously placed the little chicklet in front of Arya and Dany and waited to see what they would do. They looked at it, and it looked at them, and then the chick just walked between their two bodies like parting curtains and walking backstage to the exclusive baby chick party. That was it! I didn’t ask what breed of chicken it was, but fingers crossed it’s a girl and we can keep her. The woman who gave her to us optimistically called her Penelope, and we are tentatively calling the first one Pod. Pod and Penelope!!! *melts*


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