Interiors: A Work in Progress

06_24_2015_03It’s been a year and a half now, but we are finally getting comfortable in our home and collecting the things we need. We have been very lucky and a lot of what we have is thrifted or found or very generously given to us. It’s been a while since I’ve shown the inside of the house (and I’m not going to do downstairs because it has become a bunny tornado zone haha) but the living and dining rooms are shaping up nicely!

06_24_2015_11This retro-style green chair was found on the side of someone’s driveway with a “FREE” sign taped to it. Yes, we thought, that will do nicely! I am sitting comfortably on it while I blog right now. Pilot also likes it.

06_24_2015_1206_24_2015_08My Dad has completed his move and found he had some furniture items left over after he put everything in place. One such item was a large blue/black IKEA sofa that I set up in the upstairs living room (the “fancy” living room lol). This meant a reshuffle of the furniture, placing the BENSEN sofa with the lower back in front of the window and reorienting the carpet and NOOD bench. The result is a space better suited for conversation and hanging out. The sofa cushions probably need some more coordination, but luckily I have fabric in other patterns to make some more if needed.

06_24_2015_0706_24_2015_0606_24_2015_0506_24_2015_0406_24_2015_02One of the other pieces he didn’t have space for was a series of 4’x4′ prints made by my older sister Sheri. They look great on the dining wall which previously featured a custom framed Mark Ryden print sort of floating in space… this is a much better use of this large wall. We both love how the prints work in the room, my sister is very talented! Still loving that new dining fixture too ❤


Still working on other stuff which I will photograph soon.

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