New Wall Sconces

06_26_2015_04The old wall sconces in our house have pretty much driven us crazy with ugliness since we moved in. There are two in the hall (the entry and outside the bedroom/bathroom) and a third on the stairs, and while they still work fine they are oooold! We just came upon 3 new wall sconces for free and I switched out the old fixtures today. The new fixtures aren’t my favourite design, but they are brand new and work great so they will be fine until I win the lottery and get the ones I really want.

Here’s some shots of the old fixtures:

06_26_2015_0106_26_2015_0306_26_2015_0206_26_2015_05And the new!

06_26_2015_07 06_26_2015_06Puuuuurdy.


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