Harvesting Mullein and OMG Tomatoes

07_01_2015_14Sooo we have monster tomato plants this year. We have done very little to them… stuck some 4″ starts in the dirt and have not fed them apart from topping the beds with bunny poops from time to time. We have not pinched off any branches or attempted to shape them, and we did not cover them to keep them away from the rain (there has been no rain to speak of, actually) we just let them go nuts. And go nuts they have. J isn’t even crouching in the above photo… that’s how tall they are!

07_01_2015_16Insert Tomat O))) joke here.  (If you know, you know)

07_01_2015_17 07_01_2015_18The pickling cukes are also going gangbusters – we started these guys from seed just a month or so ago!

07_01_2015_19 07_01_2015_20

07_01_2015_24The mullein we planted from seed last year has also grown super big and healthy, despite the record breaking drought we are in the middle of. Good to know we can plant more of these and not have to water them and they will still be a success! I harvested a whole bunch of leaves and you could barely tell I even touched the plants. They are drying in our sun room with the lemon balm harvest and some sprigs of yarrow. We are going to try our hand at more slaves, tinctures and oils this year! My next gift to myself will be a new excalibur dehydrator… once upon a time I had one but lost it in my divorce. Sad face. For now this works great and doesn’t use any electricity, which is a plus.

07_01_2015_21 07_01_2015_22 07_01_2015_23


  1. Your garden is so pretty! I need to get bunnies cause I need the poop in my garden :O) My sisters garden look like this and she has rabbit poop as well!
    I love to see the herbs drying in the sun room too!

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