The Chicks Are Growing

07_01_2015_25The chicks are happily hanging out in the coop with the other birds and eating and drinking well. We debated separating them from the rest of the crew, but because so many hens are broody at the moment just thought we would leave them. They are doing a great job of mothering the little chicks and none of the other birds are picking on them at all. Watching the momma hens charge at the ducks for getting to close is pretty funny – they are taking this mothering business super seriously!

Both chickies are even leaving the coop during the day and hanging out in the enclosure with the rest of the flock. As for the rest of the eggs… not going so well I guess. No other chicks have successfully hatched yet. We found one dead under the birds, which we removed. We also found 2 chicks that had not fully hatched and didn’t make it. We also lost a baby duck when I accidentally busted the egg…. ugh. We are happy to have the two we have, even if only one is from our eggs, it’s not like we need any more birds for eggs and we don’t need meat birds either. This has been fun so far, there is clearly lots more for us to learn about breeding chickens (or more accurately, allowing them to breed themselves.)

Here is a cute video of the babies drinking! We’ve totally lost track of which one is ours and which is the adopted chick. When they start growing their feathers I guess it will be a surprise!

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