So Much Dried Lemon Balm!

07_02_2015_10We started a whole tray of lemon balm last year and they grew huge this spring after we moved them all into one big patch between our hazelnut trees. We did a big harvest before it got too dry around here and hung them all up in the sun room to dry. It was a quick process because it’s been obscenely hot here, and tonight I bottled up all the dry leaves. So much lemon balm!! Can’t wait to make tea blends with this stuff. We got two full large sized jars and they are now sitting comfortably in the pantry.

07_02_2015_15 07_02_2015_16I love the citronella scent of this plant! The sun room smelled gorgeous.

07_02_2015_12 07_02_2015_11

Our stash of home grown herbs is getting big ❤



    • We try to use empty jars as a shopping list – when one of them is low we get more of whatever it is and refill the jar. But yes if we use all of something and decide we want the jar for something else we do a new label. They are pretty tough though and can withstand a few washings! 🙂

  1. I love lemon balm! I use it to make tinctures. It’s our go-to for a gentle ease into sleep! I’m growing my own this year for the first time and I can’t wait until I harvest it!

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