Record Breaking Drought

07_04_2015_01IT’S HOT HERE. Way hotter and drier than usual. In fact, in all of June we had virtually no rain which is definitely not the norm. It’s only July 4th and already we are at Level 4 Drought, have province wide fireworks and campfire bans, all fishing has been suspended as the water table is low enough to declare the fish vulnerable, and there are fires breaking out all over. There have been several fires in Nanaimo across the water from us, and a wildfire beside the highway across from my Mom’s house in Horseshoe Bay. And there’s no rain in the forecast for the foreseeable future 😦

07_04_2015_02Lucky timing for us that the last time it really rained was the very day we installed our rain barrels so we do have 4 nearly full barrels in case our well goes dry, but we are hoping it doesn’t come to that. This summarizes things well:

07_04_2015_03Here are some headlines from the last week or so!

64 temperature records smashed in B.C.

Small fire burning near Horseshoe Bay terminal

Brush fire near Woodgrove Mall in Nanaimo

Wildfire forces evacuation of 12 homes near Nanaimo

Vancouver Island fishing banned as drought hits level 4

Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands at Level 4 drought conditions

BC Wildfire News

Government of BC Campfire Bans


  1. I’m just south of you in the Seattle metro area, and we’re suffering, too. It’s also my first summer in the Pacific Northwest and I wasn’t prepared to live in a house with no air conditioner when the temperatures are nearing 100 and we’re closing in on being 4 inches short of rain here in the Puget Sound region. When will it end!?!?!!

    • This is soooo not normal for this area! I hope it ends soon, I like how rainy it is here usually ha. The poor plants and animals weren’t ready for this either. Fingers crossed it passes soon and doesn’t become the new normal!

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