Creating a Seed Library

07_04_2015_05I’m working on my first seed library. Right now it’s pretty minimal and mostly contains seeds we have purchased and haven’t used completely, but I have also been collecting seeds from plants in our garden. We planted a wider variety of stuff this year so there are more seeds too, which is great! Above we have a small pile of nasturtium seeds, and I have also collected calendula, cat mint, African daisy/osteospermum, chives, hibiscus, rosa campanula and a bunch more.

Would anyone be interested in setting up a seed swap?? I think towards the end of the year as I collect more seeds I’ll be setting up a page to do exchanges ❤


I picked up a small container and some accordion files to hold the seeds and have been keeping it in the cool, dry pantry.

07_04_2015_0707_04_2015_12 07_04_2015_11 07_04_2015_10 07_04_2015_09I have lots of small baggies but will be working out a better labeling and dating system soon. Below we have the first of our hibiscus seeds. Yay seeds!



    • I’m not actually sure what kind they are. We ordered a bunch of seeds online including Texas giant star hibiscus and maroon hibiscus, but when we planted them in trays somehow they were mislabelled as porcelain vines. Now we can’t figure out what type they are because they don’t look like either variety. They sure are pretty though!

      • Even if you aren’t sure what they are many people just look at the picture to make a decision as to what they want. If they think they will look nice in their garden they plant them. So my suggestion is to take pictures of the plant and a close up of the flower to post. In fact, if you do that there are many knowledgeable gardeners who will identify the plant.

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