Creating a New Studio


The garden is going well and we are past the sprouting part of the season so we decided to reclaim the sun room as a studio for all my various activities. So exciting! J and I cleaned it top to bottom and I gave it a fresh coat of paint, then I moved all my stuff in. I never realized how much craft stuff I had spread all over the house, it’s super nice to have it all in one space, plus have a dedicated area to do all my seed sorting, sewing, button making, weaving and cross stitching. I’ve kept the herb drying line in the window because this is the best place for them, and the studio smells amazing ❤

07_15_2015_07  ^ After cleaning out all the water and dirt and chicken poop (this was Scully’s temporary hospital) I painted over the purple and black with a clean white. Still to do: replace the outlets and switches and get a new wall sconce. I’d also like to install blinds because light shines right into the windows all morning as the sun moves over the house – ok for herb drying but not conducive for working on a laptop. 07_15_2015_0507_15_2015_08^ I’ve also got a warm and sunny spot for my houseplants now! I’ve got a peace lily (the bigger one is still in the living room) a ginseng bonsai, some avocado trees we sprouted and some others. I’ve also got a spot for my big aloe now, the one I bought for just $2 from GIRO because it was “ugly”, and it has thrived!


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