Things I Love: Lucky Peach’s The Plant Kingdom Issue

07_15_2015_11I’ve been an on-and-off reader of Lucky Peach since it started. As a vegetarian though I often found there to be a serious lack of recipes or articles that really interested me. WELL the summer 2015 issue solves that problem as it is titled The Plant Kingdom and, you guessed it, it is mostly about vegetables. They snuck some pork into the tofu recipe section, and there is the slightly ghastly recipe for Black Truffle Asparagus in a Pig’s Bladder, but for the most part the rest is veggies. There are a series of recipes for turnips, some salt and vinegar sunchokes, grilled chicories with pine nuts, dried blueberries, chilies and breadcrumbs, new potatoes with fava-bean-and-pistachio pesto, natural ferment kohlrabi, fried cardoons, and an entire section on Ice Cream from the Garden which includes recipes for beet ice cream with goat cheese and pistachios, baked bean ice cream, and celery sorbet with raisins and peanut butter. Sooo utterly food snob, but I am curious to try some of these recipes out!!

The cover art by Stacey Rozich is also really really amazing.

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