Bonding the Bunnies: Close to Success!

07_16_2015_01I did some more reading about bonding rabbits after our last session ended up with a lot of fluff flying everywhere and Momo bleeding from the ear (video in my previous post about bunnies). I found a video on YouTube that suggested using a bathtub to introduce two rabbits so I gave it a try and both sessions yesterday went great.

The trick seems to be to pet them continuously so they stay relaxed and in place snuggled up next to each other, and I was really surprised by how well this worked. Momo snuggled his nose right into Millie and at one point Millie rested her chin on Momo’s face. It was so cute!!! (As I say several times in the video ha) Also important which I didn’t do during the last unsuccessful session, was limit the meeting to 10 minutes and no longer. I did 2 ten minute sessions yesterday and both went great. Here is a video of the second session of the day:

07_16_2015_03So things are looking up for these two lovebirds, I really want to see them bond as I think they are both pretty lonely. Millie spent a lot of time by herself in an outdoor cage, and Momo, while he was obviously loved at one time as he was neutered and even sports an ear tattoo, was dumped in a park and left to fend for himself before then sitting in a shelter for so long that he was slated for euthanasia. Both can be a little grumpy and untrusting, but Momo in particular is really learning to relax and trust. He is so well behaved that for the last few days I have been transferring him upstairs to run around while I work in the kitchen or on the computer and he enjoys lounging on the carpet and racing around top speed.

Do you see the funny little lump on Millie’s lip in the photo above? We don’t know who the culprit was but SOMEBUNNY bit her on the face through the bars of her pen!! It happened sometime before I came home from work last week and so may have been Fry or Nibbler, but it’s possible that it was inflicted by a neighbour which could have been Lupin, Tonks OR Momo. It will remain a mystery unsolved, but serves as a reminder that yes, bunnies are cute and fluffy, but they are definitely capable of being very NOT NICE.

I immediately took her to the vet because I thought she might need stitches but he was confident it would heal on it’s own. She had a snotty nostril above the wound so we put her on some antibiotics which I administered every 12 hours for 1 week and everything looks much better now. She may be permanently disfigured though. Sheesh.

07_16_2015_07 07_16_2015_05 07_16_2015_04 07_16_2015_02BRUTAL. Bonding was on hold while it healed because I didn’t want to see her being hurt any further, but now it’s all scabbed over and looking much better so she and Momo are back into the bonding routine. I’ll post more as the process goes on, fingers crossed I am becoming a bunny bonding master as there is one more little cutie coming down the pipe to match with Leela!! <3<3

Here they are again looking adorable:


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