Documenting the Cost of Pet Rabbits Pt. 2

07_16_2015_08About a month ago I bought a fresh bundle of rabbit supplies and was ready to estimate the cost of keeping our bunnies. Here’s the breakdown so far:

Pellets: $16/bag – Lasts 1 month
Pellet bedding: $12/bag – Lasts 2 weeks
Hay cubes: $16/bag – Will last several months, we’ve barely dented it
Hay: $8.27/32oz bag – Lasts 1 week, tops

We bought some large bales of hay for $6 each which lasted a bit longer, but won’t be available in the winter. It is also not timothy hay so it needs to be supplemented so they get the right vitamins. I sourced some bales of timothy hay in Nanaimo that are ridiculously cheap (89 lbs for $20!) but it requires a truck and to be covered for the ferry otherwise I’m stuck on a dangerous cargo sailing which is only Wednesdays and the farm isn’t open for pick ups on Wednesdays. The cost of the ferry with a vehicle adds another $40 to the cost of the hay. We will definitely do this when we are able to borrow a truck and have a place to store like 400lbs of hay… we don’t have a barn, obviously. But… no. We don’t need a barn.

Next best option is to order it online and have it sent to my door (I’m a big fan of anything that comes right to my house). Canadian Pet Connection sells 50lbs of Oxbow Western Timothy Hay for $69.99 + shipping/tax. It works out to roughly $100CAD, which is $2.00/lb, whereas at the pet store here it’s $4.14/lb. So it’s 50% cheaper, which is a start! Now to see how long 50lbs of hay lasts. If 2lbs lasts about a week then it might be 25 weeks before I need to buy more. Sweet!

Of course this is all just food and bedding, and doesn’t include fresh vegetables which are hard to track as sometimes I buy them and sometimes I forage them some from the yard. It also doesn’t include bunny pens (Sold for the crazy price of $86/ea here on the island, but the last two I scored were one for free and one at $20 – we now have one 36″ pen and four 24″ pens and won’t need any more), vet bills (when Millie was bitten on the face it cost $70 to take her to the vet and each bunny I spay/neuter is about $175 – as of today I have paid for 4 operations), or for the actual adoption fees for each bunny. Lupin and Tonks were adopted together for $100, Leela and Fry $20 each, Nibbler $14, Momo $50 and Millie was free.

Hopefully I can start selling the angora ASAP to start offsetting these expenses… though I really can’t put a price on the love they give back. Cheesy, I know. I have absolutely no problem footing the bill if it means these animals get the love and care they deserve, I’d probably rescue a hundred rabbits if I just had room for them all haha ❤

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