The Chicks Are Growing Up

07_20_2015_01The little chickies are just over 4 weeks old and are growing super fast! Pod (left) is developing a crest like El Hefe (Polish) and the iridescent purple and green feathers of Arya (Australorpe). Penelope (right) is still a mystery to us but it looks like she is developing the colouring of a black copper maran like our hen Squeak; she has dark eyes with some golden feathers coming in around her neck. We remain hopeful both will be female and we can keep them but are a little suspicious about Pod at this stage. Hefe’s track record has been mostly male babies… his last batch of offspring (while he was still living with our friends) was 7 chicks, ALL of which turned out to be roos!

07_20_2015_03^ Pod

07_20_2015_02^ Penelope

Most of the hens have given up sitting at this time but Brienne, the one who started it all, has kept on trucking. We ended up removing the batch of eggs she was sitting on originally as they were getting old and many of them were being smashed. There were partially developed chicks in all the eggs that were broken so we hold hope that with a fresh batch of eggs she will be successful but we will have to be more vigilant in monitoring. We will also try separating her in a dog carrier to ensure the eggs are safe from the other hens, as it was likely that they were crushing and eating the eggs. :/

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