Bunny Bonding: Progress Videos

07_21_2015_05Spamming you with posts about bunny bonding! The journey continues. One week ago I posted about Millie and Momo’s first stage of sessions in the tub; time together in a neutral space (the bathtub) where they are placed side by side but not allowed to run around. I pet them continuously for a 10 minute period then put them each back into their respective homes. I did this twice a day for 2 days and things were going really well so they moved on to stage 2; spending time in a neutral space (again, the tub) but this time being allowed to move around freely with each other. There was some thumping, grunting and humping, but no fighting. Huzzah!

At this point the buns are working out who gets to be “top bun.” The video shows a portion of their hang out together where Momo was trying to show his dominance over Millie. He wasn’t hurting her, and he’s neutered so we aren’t worried about the humping leading to babies.

In this next video, day two of the second stage sessions, Millie was far less timid and the two of them spent a great deal of the time sitting near each other but without any grunting or humping. Millie thumped her feet back at Momo a bit, but they mostly just relaxed. They even groomed themselves while ignoring each other which is apparently a sign that they are getting more comfortable.

Millie also wanted to show off her lip wound and how well it’s healing! She has completed her antibiotics and the snotty nose has gone away. The top portion of the wound is healed and the bottom portion has a clean scab on it that will likely come away soon. Rabbits heal freakishly fast.

07_21_2015_07 07_21_2015_06 So Millie and Momo are almost at the finish line, which makes me super happy. Now that we have Zapp we also have another pair to bond, the lovely Leela gets a husbun. These two were incredibly easy to bond. Leela has been lonely and Zapp is young and not aggressive so the two went together like old friends. I couldn’t have been more happy about this!07_21_2015_04Their first bathtub session was their last as they right away groomed each other, snuggled and acted very content. Leela was happy for the attention!

Easiest bonding ever. Zapp has already moved into Leela’s house and they are getting along great.

07_21_2015_03 07_21_2015_02 07_21_2015_01

So we now have 3 bonded pairs of angoras and one almost there pair of non-angora buns. After the bonding is done they will be ready to move into the new bunny castle and live happily ever after! It might even be possible to bond pairs together to create groups, which would be ideal as then the castle won’t have to be broken into so many compartments and they will maximize their living space and time out in the run together (as of now they are on shifts because they don’t get along with each other and have to stay separated) It would also be amazing if taking care of the bunnies were simpler for both myself and for anyone who house sits for us should we want to get away! <3<3


  1. Yay for bunny bonding! And for making bunny-sitting easier, lol. It’s a nightmare when we have to go anywhere for more than a few days. 😛 I can’t wait to see them all nestled into the bunny castle!

    • It is sooo hard to go away. When we went on holiday in January my sister house sat and the long and convoluted instructions I left about the bunnies can never happen again hahaha

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